Pink Floyd Pulse Album Cover.

Pulse Album Cover. Pulse Album

Stars & Stripes. Sony/Columbia - USA Version.Stars & Stripes.

EMI European Version.

Manufacturing Errors!

Soon after the completion of my Web page; Pink Floyd Pulse - How to change the battery, I was alerted by Pink Floyd fan Mark Brown from the USA that the version of the Pulse album released there was quite a bit different to the UK/European release!

Quite a few emails passed between us and eventually the USA released Pulse dropped through my letterbox. As can, clearly, be seen from the photos displayed, there is no need to take a knife to the USA version; it has a removable sliding carriage insert!

Trust our American friends to get the design right!

This page is for interest only, I have created it purely for those of you, here in the UK and Europe, who will probably never get to see this example of Pink Floyd's Pulse album, but are curious enough to want to see it.

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Cardboard insert being removed.

The cardboard sliding insert can clearly be seen in this picture being removed from the case. It is black in colour a round label is attached displaying a message advising the owner to change the batteries periodically and to be careful how to dispose of the duds!

Cardboard insert examination.

With the insert removed the pocket at the front, holding the module with the L.E.D. circuitry and batteries can be seen.

Module being removed from sleeve.

The module containing the L.E.D. circuit and batteries is slid out of the pocket.

Module examination.

As can be seen the carrier has two batteries, unsurprising Sony branded! The flashing L.E.D is at the left hand end of the module.

Module with batteries being removed.

I must say I am very impressed with the quality of the module's construction. The main frame is made of tin-plate, a small P.C.B. is at one end with the L.E.D. disappointingly held in place with a blob of hot-melt glue. The batteries are only secured by two ridges on either side of the module. The circuit board is approximately 1.5cm square, and has the familiar black-blob-chip attached to the surface of the P.C.B. with a couple of resistors and the wires from the batteries.

Pulse discs, box & module.

From the above picture you will probably notice the design on the two CD's differs from the EMI version. The only other differences being: the CD box is slightly thinner 1.9cm as opposed to 2.2cm for the UK version, hence no beer mat, also some of the pages of the booklet are arranged in a different order.

As for the sound track: I have now, needless to say, listened to them both and can not find any differences.

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